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Whether we are visiting a customer for a routine cleaning or a repair, our technicians provide a thorough cleaning and inspection of every tank we visit. It’s our commitment to help our customers keep their tanks and misters running their best.



Key Benefits of our Service

Crystal Clear Aquarium Service knows that a clean lobster tanks is important to our customers, whether it's a large store chain, or a privately owned fresh market.  We provide a thorough cleaning and inspection at every visit.  We know that taking a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy tank can be extremely beneficial.

  A well maintained tank keeps lobsters alive longer
  A clean tank makes a great display for shoppers to see that live lobsters are available
  A great looking tank gives customers confidence to purchase from a well maintained seafood department
  A clean tank sells more lobsters
  Customers enrolled in our Preventive Maintenance programs see fewer repair calls and less livestock loss


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